12 easy bathroom cleaning tips to try today

12 easy bathroom cleaning tips to try today

With frequent use, the bathroom can accumulate germs and bacteria, increasing the risk of health conditions like urinary tract infections and salmonellosis. Hence, bathroom cleaning is a crucial everyday household chore. Luckily, the market has various products and equipment that facilitate easy cleaning and improved hygiene in the bathroom. Besides using these products, you can try home remedies to eliminate dirt and germs. Here are some bathroom cleaning tips for a spick-and-span bathroom.

Use a pumice stone to remove hard stains
Hard stains spoil the bathroom’s appeal and are often difficult to remove. One helpful way to eliminate them is by rubbing them with pumice stones. Remember, the toilet bowl and the area around it are more prone to accumulating bacteria and germs over time and are typical hotspots for hard stains. You can use a pumice stone to clean these areas and remove stubborn stains.

Use different sponges for every surface
A sponge is an excellent absorbent of dust, bacteria, and other tiny particles. But using the same sponge to clean different surfaces only transfers the accumulated dust from one place to another. To avoid this, use different sponges for cleaning different bathroom surfaces.

Clean the toothbrush holder regularly
According to a study by the National Sanitation Foundation, the toothbrush holder is the third grimiest and germ-filled area in a home. Toothbrushes are typically wet when placed into the holder after use. Consequently, they tend to drip inside the holder, causing it to become a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. Hence, cleaning the toothbrush holder should be a regular part of your sanitation routine.

Use vinegar and baking soda to unblock the basin
Many homeowners purchase expensive bleaches and call plumbers frequently to unblock the basin or sink. However, it is unnecessary to spend on the process, as vinegar and baking soda can do the trick. To try this remedy, pour half a cup of vinegar into the sink, followed by half a box of baking soda. Then plug the drain and hold it in place till the fizzing stops. Next, pour some boiling water into the sink after half an hour if required. This is a hassle-free, time-saving, and cost-effective method to unblock the sink drain.

Use different cleaning products for different surfaces
Each bathroom surface has a different texture and, thus, a distinct cleaning requirement. For example, mild cleaners work best on bathtubs and tiles, whereas abrasive cleaners work best to remove scum or mold on durable surfaces. Avoid using abrasive cleaners on delicate surfaces like glass, plastic, and ceramic.

Wipe cleansers immediately from surfaces
Spray-and-go cleaners are highly effective in removing dirt from surfaces. However, leaving them on for long can cause them to turn sticky and accumulate bacteria and germs. To avoid these issues, wipe off spray-and-go cleansers within two minutes.

Use lemon and baking soda for the toilet bowl
The key to a spotless toilet bowl does not lie in expensive cleaning products on the market shelves. Mixing lemon (or vinegar) with baking soda forms a highly acidic solution. This solution can remove hard stains and bacteria accumulated in the toilet bowl and even the sink or bathtub. As mentioned, you can also use a pumice stone to remove stains in the bowl.

Remember to clean the exhaust fan
The exhaust fan helps eliminate foul smells and purify the air. However, it does the opposite when unclean, blocking air from passing through the duct and leading to mold and mildew in the bathroom. So, do not forget the exhaust fan the next time you begin cleaning the bathroom.

Wash the shower curtain
The shower curtains are often neglected during the bathroom cleaning process. Since the bathroom contains high moisture levels, mildew and mold may accumulate over their surface. Hence, experts recommend washing shower curtains at least four times a year.

Clean the toilet brush thoroughly
Not cleaning bathroom equipment can result in the accumulation of bacteria and germs over them, making the cleaning process futile. The toilet brush should be soaked in a bleach or ammonia solution for an hour, preferably after every cleaning session.

Clean the corners
The corners of the bathroom trap large proportions of dust and dirt; hence, cleaning them is essential to facilitate a spick-and-span bathroom. When cleaning the corners, use narrow brushes with long handles that can easily maneuver through small spaces.

Avoid cluttering the bathroom
Clutter leads to confusion and chaos, which can make cleaning cumbersome. So, organize your bathroom products and de-clutter the space before cleaning. As you clean, dispose unused of products that take up unnecessary space on the shelves.

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