2 types of mixers that make your cooking much simpler

2 types of mixers that make your cooking much simpler

You need to perform a variety of tasks when you have to try new recipes or even create simple food items like bread in the kitchen. It is often a messy job to prepare the batter for cookies or to make the dough for bread. Beating eggs or whipping cream can be nightmarish experience with a manual eggbeater or a wired whip. To avoid all such problems and make things simpler, you can depend on just one appliance, that is a good mixer. You may even grab it at a decent price if you check out a KitchenAid mixer sale or sale for any other branded mixer.

How mixers can help
Most of the baking and mixing tasks become swifter and smoother with the use of kitchen mixers. A good mixer like a KitchenAid mixer comes with several attachments that can be used to get your ingredients ready within minutes, without actually spoiling your hands and utensils. Some of the most common tasks a mixer can perform to help you include:

  • Mixing several ingredients
  • Beating items like eggs
  • Mashing ingredients like potatoes
  • Whipping ingredients to make foamy and frothy mixtures with added volume
  • Kneading dough for various recipes like cakes, cookies, muffins, and more
  • Preparing ice cream in custom styles
  • Making pasta dough as well as cutting and rolling it
  • Doing stuffing like in sausages
  • Getting juices ready by extracting from fruits

However, the above list is not comprehensive. You can be quite innovative while using branded mixers like KitchenAid mixers in your kitchen.

Types of mixers
While all types of mixers can come handy in the kitchen and save your prep time, it may be difficult to choose the right one, especially if you are buying it for the first time. Here are some common types of kitchen mixers available in the market.

  • Handheld mixers: If you have to save time whipping and beating ingredients or need to save space in your kitchen, then a handheld mixer can be a great buy. It can work fast and quiet. You can hold it to operate at different speeds. The lightweight motor operates the beater to mix or whip stuff in any bowl or jar. Handheld mixers are inexpensive and may start from as low as $20-$25.
  • Hand or stand mixers: This type of mixer is also lightweight. While it has a base and mixing bowl, it does not weigh as much as a traditional stand mixer does. It comes with various attachments and features retractable cords. Thus, storage is not an issue. Although it is powerful like a stand mixer, it may not work with thick dough.
  • Stand mixers: If you like experimenting with baking, then you may need a modern and stylish stand mixer that is sturdier and more powerful. Their mounted motors are fixed in a heavy frame and drive the rotary action wonderfully. The bowl is usually locked at a position for the appliance to work at selected speeds. These mixers may come with a variety of attachments for many tasks, as well as with different bowl capacities. While these may be expensive in comparison to other types of mixers, you can check out the KitchenAid mixer sale or sale for other brands to get an affordable mixer.
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