3 Top-Rated Electric Ranges

3 Top-Rated Electric Ranges

While many people still prefer to use gas, electric ranges are better for boiling water, holding a simmer, and baking or cooking. Electric ranges are not very expensive either and you should consider investing a couple hundred dollars more for advanced features like stainless steel material, warm zones, and if you want, convection. The ranges are all top-of-the-line, easy to use, and on all metrics appear to match, if not exceed their gas-based counterparts.

Following are the three top-rated electric ranges.

Kenmore 95053
This Kenmore model takes the cake in terms of electric ranges. It has all the latest capabilities, including a 6.1 cubic foot oven and two convection fans with self-cleaning mechanisms in place. It is roughly the same size as other ovens but weighs about 30 pounds more than its counterparts. The range comes in different colors to match its surroundings. This includes stainless steel, black, and white. The burners include one that is used for heating, and the one at the side of the power boil is a triple expandable burner. The oven has convection fans, so food gets cooked faster and has a more even finish. Steam and heat self-clean facilities make sure the oven is always in good condition.

Whirlpool WFE515S0ES
The Whirlpool line of electric ranges has several appealing qualities. This model is especially known for its dual-expandable burner and an oven with convection so that anything you bake or cook is evenly cooked. While the oven itself is slightly smaller than other ranges, it is more than enough to cook a meal for the entire family. The steam-clean cycle allows you to quickly clean any spills with a wet cloth. The ceramic glass cooktop and the different colors, including silver, black and stainless steel, give it a classy finish.

LG LRE3193
The design component of this range is spot on and looks very stylish indeed. It has several great elements, like the touch-automation that is very unique and the sleek ceramic stove. It comes in three colors and the blue interiors of the oven are stunning. There are five burners, which are inclusive of two expandable burners. The oven is quite large and can broil food at 4200 watts. The oven also comes with an enamel, and once the spray is put in, you can tap the clean-cycle button and begin. Additionally, the touchpad gives it a futuristic appeal.