4 Popular types of placemats to choose from

4 Popular types of placemats to choose from

A placemat serves more than one purpose. It keeps your tables clean, protects them from dirt and also works as a decorative piece. With so much to offer, it becomes necessary to find the best material for your placemats. Placemats are commonly made from natural fabrics like cotton and linen or synthetics, silk, and vinyl. Each material has its pros and cons. Let’s find out about each one of them so you can choose the placemat material that suits your needs the best.

Natural fabric placemats
Natural fabric placemats like cotton, are profoundly durable and can be efficiently washed with the machine. They give stain resistant finish and can be decorated with ruffles or lace. They give a luxurious feel and are wrinkle-free. Some fabrics like linen may be less resistant to stains, and you will have to pay some extra attention while cleaning them.

Synthetic placemats
Synthetic placemats are more affordable and are wrinkle and stain safe. They are profoundly robust and are easy to wash. They can be washed multiple times without compromising its quality. The only problem with synthetic placemats is that they are not heat resistant.

Silk placemats
Silk is a naturally creamy texture that adds appeal to your dining table. It is ideal for formal lounge areas and gives a luxurious look.
It is somewhat costly and delicate, and it gets stains and wrinkles rapidly. Silk placemats are great just for occasional usage.

Vinyl placemats
Vinyl placemat is tough and simple to clean with sodden clothes. It is warmer and stain resistant and protects sharp edges. It is, therefore, the most appropriate for little children. Its plastic finish regularly gives it a shoddy look. It likewise gets dull and stained over continued usage.

Apart from the material used for placemats, one ought to also search for better designs, size, and shading. Be it a little child, or a grown-up, the benefits of a placemat is for everybody, making it an everyday household item.