5 Reasons You Should Purchase Murphy Beds

5 Reasons You Should Purchase Murphy Beds

Murphy beds are a very common and useful part of an everyone’s lifestyle. They can be found in a multitude of households in today’s date, as compared to ten years earlier. They are the pull-down beds from the wall that are otherwise kept closed and standing when not in use. Murphy beds are hinged on one side to the wall and then folded in so that the space is left empty and open to reuse.

There are still many of us out there who would not consider purchasing a Murphy bed. Here we have a few key advantages that purchasing a Murphy bed can help with.

They satisfy every budget

The top-most thought in every person’s mind before making a purchase is the budget. It should come as no surprise that Murphy beds are mostly purchased by people thinking of their apartments as cramped. Any form of furniture you purchase for a small space should not torpedo your finances. While the prices are the not of the same range as they were in your granny’s time, you still have a plethora of options to choose from at Murphy beds. Moreover, you could purchase a set model and then work your DIY magic to save some money.

You can build your own

For those who want a highly customized version of the Murphy bed, the brand has provided a very convenient option. You can now build your own Murphy bed online and then have it delivered to your doorstep. The process is simple and considers all customization requirements. You also have the option to pick from a few existing special customizations featured on their website. Your customizable options vary from the kind of frame, orientation, finish, and color. You also have the liberty to pick the kind of lighting, side cabinet and accessories you would like to add.

They are a brand to reckon with

The Murphy beds brand has been with the country since the 1900s. Although the concept of foldable beds is one that was invented before Lawrence Murphy, he added his own twist and charm to it that enabled him to file multiple patents under his name. Today, thousands of people trust in the brand and choose Murphy beds in hotels, motels, apartments, and studios where space is constrained. The options available now under Murphy beds are more sophisticated and stylish than earlier. This shows that the brand has evolved over the century and is definitely a name to reckon with.

Easy to use

No matter which kind of house you live in, you are going to find a Murphy bed easy to use. The proof of the pudding always lies in the eating, and the Murphy beds have proved their mettle a countless number of times. These beds come with a unique counter-balance design that requires less muscle and more of a pull. They can all be handled with just one hand! Speaking of easy to use, you can stash the bedding and clothing along with the bed. This ensures that the Murphy bed is ready to use when pulled down next. What more can you ask for?

Makes the room multipurpose

As Lawrence Murphy started out, the main purpose of a Murphy bed was to make the area under it multipurpose. You could add the bed to your lounge or your studio parlor and double it up as your bedroom in the time of need. You could entertain in the evening and help in accommodating your guests during the night with a Murphy bed installed in your home.

All in all, there are numerous advantages of purchasing a Murphy bed. Not only is it a reliable brand, it has taken its share of the market very seriously and continues to come up with evolving technology that helps make our lives easier and a little more spacious!