6 Must-Have Apparel  Accessories For Infants

6 Must-Have Apparel Accessories For Infants

Since infants spend most of their time sleeping, dressing them may not seem to be a big deal. However, it’s not an easy task for parents to decide which is the best apparel and accessories for infants that are worth buying. Although infants grow at a very rapid pace, dressing them in the most comfortable clothing is still necessary. Also, apart from the essential clothing, there are a lot of trendy clothes that attract parents as well. There are some must-haves apparel and accessories for these little adorables that parents should know about. Here’s the list:


For an infant’s growth and development, sleep is a prerequisite. So, their sleeping time should be uninterrupted so that they do not wake up mid-sleep. In order to keep babies from waking up in the middle of their sleep, it is essential their clothes are as comfortable as possible, thus the right infant clothing can be of great help. One of the best apparel and accessories when it comes to sleepwear are the one-piece suits with cotton pajamas and built-in footies.

Coveralls for everyday wear

Apart from their sleep, infants and babies also have playtime to enjoy and to encourage early development. Infant clothes come in different styles and colors that are great for everyday wear with a variety of choices. For daily use, choose slip-on pants, coveralls, and infant apparel and accessories that snap on and off easily.

Infant sandals and slippers

In case of any outdoor and beach activities, infant flip flops are one of the best footwear to have. Compared to the usual infant boots, these sandals and slippers are much more comfortable and breezy. This means that your baby’s feet will not sweat too much when you go out. Also, less is the fuss, and more is the fun when babies wear sandals and slippers. However, the use of infant slippers may not be advisable for young children, especially pre-walkers, but they are great younger babies.

Leggings or pull-on pants

Leggings or pull-on pants are one of the ideal apparel and accessories for infants between five to seven months. These items of clothing allow you to change the dirty pair of an outfit without assembling the whole new gear. Also, it’s better that you prefer leggings or pull-on pants that have stretchy waistbands that fit comfortably over your baby’s diaper and belly. Moreover, these pants expand as your baby grows and gains weight.


One of the best apparel and accessories to have on hand when you have an infant, are plain shirts and side-ties. This kind of infant baby apparel is very versatile and handy to have around. While leaving the bottom area free for faster diaper changes, they do the job of keeping your baby’s upper body warm. There are a variety of choices available from choosing a plain white t-shirt to go crazy with different designs and colors.

Pre-walking shoes

Pre-walkers are babies and infants at ages 0 – 9 months and they don’t require shoes, boots or sneakers. Instead, the apparel and accessories parents should consider are infant booties and infants socks that are primarily meant to keep their feet warm. It is essential that the pre-walking shoes have soles that are flexible and must be shaped like a child’s foot to encourage healthy feet growth. Infant boots and other footwear look cute; however, it is advisable that they should be worn by pre-walkers only when they are outside. It is the best for infants to be barefoot indoors.