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Can your employer change your health insurance carrier and level of benefits during the year?

Yes. It is completely up to the employer whether or not they will offer health insurance to employees at all, and they can change carriers and level of benefits at any time.

I’ve never shopped for health insurance before. How will the marketplace help?

All private health insurance plans offered through the state marketplaces must offer the same set of "essential health benefits" as defined under the Affordable Care Act. These include: emergency care; lab tests; prescription remedies; preventive care; maternity, newborn and pediatric care; and treatment for mental health disorders and substance ab

What types of health insurance are available?

There are different plans designed to suit specific need. These include: Major Plans - This type of policy is usually effective in covering serious illness or injury where costs are high. Hospital care, remedies and doctor's visits, are usually covered. It includes Indemnity plans, Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plans, Health Maintenance Org