A beginners guide to buying software

A beginners guide to buying software

A new PC user with their first computer are always surprised to know that getting the right software can improve their computer’s productivity.

Buying the wrong software can spell disaster for your computer and your needs. Buying good software can help you enhance the user experience.

If you’ve always wondered what to look for but weren’t quite sure how to go about buying your first software package, we’ve got you covered. Here are top 5 tips for buying the right software.

Choose Your Supplier: Custom made software designed by a private firm or an off-the-shelf product like MS Word offer to you different advantages. A good supplier will be able to point out which one will suit your needs best. They offer well established customer support and are reliable.

Custom Made Vs. Off-The-Shelf: Off the shelf software programs come with yearly updates so they are safer bet. However, the downside is they are expensive and cannot be customized to your needs. They come set with certain features. The pros of getting custom made software is the customized support you need. The con is that you don’t quite get a guarantee or warranty with it. Updates may not be available yearly and may depend on how frequently the developers provide them.

Download Vs. DVD: Downloading software from the official developer’s website is very convenient. However if you’re going with off-the-shelf packages we suggest you stick with DVDs. This is a great option for people without an internet connection or for someone who wants a back-up. A DVD copy plus a software package from the developer’s website can give you the best of both worlds. Consider that aspect and you’re good to go.

The only downside in sticking with solely DVDs is that whenever updates are released, you’ll have to buy the new DVDs. This also depends on the supplier or developer you buy from and their policies. Some developers offer both online and offline updates for free whereas some will require you to buy a new package to get the latest updates.

Licensing And Additional Stuff: Checking whether the software is licensed for commercial, personal, or educational use can help. If it’s for commercial use like Photoshop CC 2017, you can use it to make designs and digital illustrations and sell it on the market. You will be infringing on copyright laws and can land in trouble if you use the personal version to make money. Which is why it is important to check the licensing. The licensing will also include terms and conditions and warranty periods. It is extremely important to review these before buying any software. You do not want to buy a product that does not extend its warranty if the custom installation option is chosen.