A brief guide to choosing the best Christmas nativity set

A brief guide to choosing the best Christmas nativity set

Setting up the nativity scene for Christmas is a tricky part of the decoration because it has a religious backstory and relates to the legend of the birth of Jesus Christ. So it needs to be very respectful and decent, but you also need to spark it up a little bit for the sake of vibrancy.

Here are some tips for choosing the right Christmas crib statues and scene to awestruck your guests with your creative skills.

Nativity scenes under the Christmas tree
Setting up the crib under the Christmas tree is a popular idea. It is usually done on the Christmas tree skirt, so choose a bright and colorful one to give a lovely base to your crib. The Christmas tree crib usually has smaller figurines of Mother Mary and baby Jesus, including Joseph, the angels, the magi and their sheep. But you can always throw in as many animal figures you want, given that it is a stable scene and dash it up with some more designs.

Crib scene on the table
Arranging for the nativity scene on a tabletop as a centerpiece gives you more space and liberty to experiment with the decorations. There are Christmas cribs for sale during the holiday season. You can add various other subjects like some sparkling Christmas trees or bushes here and there, more animals and beautiful candles, over and above the traditional scene with Jesus, his parents, and the angels. If you have kids around, it is safe to use LED candle lights, but nothing beats the appeal of real candles lighting along these significant Christmas crib statues.

Outdoor crib scene
Setting up your nativity scene outside is a big task to accomplish. You can either buy the nativity set on the whole or purchase the individual Christmas crib statues and bring them together. In case of outdoor nativity sets, you can have as big as 12-inch nativity figures which might look too big for an indoor set.

You can make a rustic nativity set or give it a polished and modern twist by adding revolving Christmas trees, shiny tinsels, LED desert backgrounds, antique lanterns, tea light holders and so on.

Since this is an essential part of the original reason why Christmas is celebrated, it must be done with patience and devotion. Spend some quality time deciding and choosing which one you want to do for your house and get on with it. The figurines and sets are available everywhere in the market as well as online get them home and create magic!