Yellow Teeth – How to avoid discoloration of teeth

Yellow Teeth – How to avoid discoloration of teeth

If you are addicted to tea or coffee, you might find your teeth become yellow due to the formation of, a thin enamel coating on your teeth. But if your teeth are yellow despite taking adequate care, you need not lose your sleep over it. Use some of the tips that can help keep the natural white of your teeth intact. Whatever the reason for discoloration, teeth whitening products readily available in the pharmacies can help you recover your lost glory. There are also other changes you can make to regain the white color of your teeth, such as:

Clean and healthy food: Eating healthy and nutritious food is not only good for your body but also for your teeth. Your mouth stays fresh and odorless when you eat clean and healthy food. Eating fresh salads, seasonal and local produce and opting for light meals will ensure that your teeth stay clean and white. While teeth whitening products may whiten your teeth quickly, modifying your diet can lead to a long-lasting and permanent solution.

Tobacco: Smoking is not only injurious to the body’s internal system, but it stains and damages your teeth. If sufficient care is not taken, this damage can be permanent leading to loss of teeth and eventually force you to opt for dentures. Smokers tend to assume that using teeth whitening products will solve the problem, but it only offers a temporary solution to the problem.

Cleanliness and hygiene: It is very crucial to rinse your mouth using mouthwash and clean your teeth with a brush after a meal. Whether you eat light or heavy, food particles can remain amidst your teeth not only causing damage on the inside of your teeth, but the sauces and artificial food coloring we consume can discolor our teeth as well.

Teeth whitening products: There is an entire range of products right from toothpaste, to tooth whitening kits which can solve your problem of yellowing teeth. If you are not confident of doing it on your own, contact a dentist who can not only clean your teeth but also whiten them for you.

Follow a healthy dental regimen to keep your teeth clean from the inside and out!