Benefits of Jitterbug Cell Phones

Benefits of Jitterbug Cell Phones

In this day and age, there are hardly any people who can live without mobile connectivity. A technology that was unheard of a few decades ago has ended up becoming indispensable and ubiquitous. Everyone needs a cell phone, but not every cell phone is easy to use!

The latest cell phones available in the market have a myriad of features. Their functioning and use is often dependent on the intuitive, tech-friendly thinking that the younger generation has, to easily adapt to new features without really requiring any user manuals or guides.

But, not everyone needs—or can manage—such hi-tech phones. This ease with new technology is not what many people from the older generation have. Grandpas and grandmas still take their time to get used to new technology.

Who are they ideal for?

Jitterbug cell phones are ideal for senior citizens. Often baffled by the confusing and endless features and functions of high-end smartphones, they altogether give up using the devices! Jitterbug cell phones are easy to use and target demographics that need basic communication and connectivity.

Older people—and some technologically challenged youth as well—tend to get a little lost with complicated, high-functioning smartphones. They have basic needs and are happy with few key features. Jitterbug cell phones are exactly what you need. These phones have simple features and take the word “user-friendly” to heart.

Some senior citizens who are still grappling with the leaps and bounds of cell phone technology have a great communication tool at hands. Jitterbug cell phones are ideal for people who have a tough time catching up with the latest gadgets and modern technology.

Jitterbug cell phones are ideal for users in the older age group as they also have an emergency contact feature—just the press of a button can connect them to emergency services. This is one of the most awesome features of the phone.

Advantages of Jitterbug cell phones

One of the biggest benefits of Jitterbug cell phones is that it works very well with earphones. The voice clarity is great. With a Jitterbug smartphone, you can even connect it to your hearing aid via Bluetooth.

The Jitterbug Smart Phone has a 5.5-inch screen, big letters, and easy navigation operations. The phone has a good battery life, internet access, voice typing, and dual cameras. You will have peace of mind that a loved one is just a call away in case of an emergency.

Large screens and bigger letters make communication easy and fast. You will be thrilled to see the elders getting a hang of the Internet if they use it. The phone will open up a new world of connectivity for your loved ones and they can even join you on social networks!

Flip hits

The Flip phone also has excellent features and the emergency button. It has “Yes/No” menu buttons, great speaker quality, and a reading magnifier with LED light. If a loved one stays by themselves, getting them a Jitterbug cell phone not only assures better connectivity but also prompts aid in emergencies. This is an ideal phone to stay connected through texts or calls, but no need for Internet facilities.

Ease of use

Jitterbug Cell Phones are easy to figure out. These are a steal in the Android category. There is a helpful step-by-step manual, making it easy to master various features of the phone such as texting, calling, and taking photos. For any clarification, customer care is just a call away. They have excellent call-center support and many users commend the patient and step-by-step advice given by employees to solve queries.

The features in this phone are thoughtfully designed to suit the needs of the elderly. They can really help older people stay connected without worry about difficult navigation. If you are looking for that perfect phone to gift to your grandfather, get a Jitterbug cell phone now!