Dental Care

Dental implants – Components, types, and benefits

Oral hygiene practices like brushing and flossing are incredibly essential. Not caring for the teeth can cause them to decay and even fall off in extreme cases. Consequently, missing teeth can make chewing food complicated and cause extreme discomfort. To manage the problem, dentists affix dental im...

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Dental Care

Benefits of getting dentures in a day

Your teeth play a vital role when it comes to breaking down food for digesting and maintaining general health, which is why regular dental care is recommended by medical professionals. Teeth not only enhance your facial appearance but also are indirectly connected to vital health systems in your bod...

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Dental Care

Different types of dentures in a day and how much do they cost

Dentures are crafted using substances like resin, porcelain, acrylic and even metal sometimes. These molars are affixed in removable plates to complete the set which will consist of both top and bottom plates, proving to be a costly surgical treatment. Not all dental insurance plans will cover the ...

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Dental Care

7 ways to avoid dry socket after tooth extraction

Wisdom teeth extraction is quite common among the adult population. However, the after effects of extraction pain, discomfort, or swelling is experienced by a very few. It is estimated that about 2% to 5% of tooth extraction patients suffer from dry socket later. When a tooth is extracted, a hole is...

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