A brief history of the Nike Cortez

Nike Cortez is one of the classic shoe designs, a true sneaker jewel that was born in 1972. The concept was designed by Olympic coach Bill Bowerman and it became the official track shoe for that season. Suitable for long distance and rough terrain running, the Cortez gained a lot of popularity durin...

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4 reasons why you must buy the Nike Air Max 90

The Nike Air Max trainers have been around for more than four decades now, and they still hold a strong position in the shoe fashion industry. They are still as popular as they used to be in the early 70s. A major reason for the sustained popularity is the constant evolution of designs which have k...

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4 popular designs from the Nike Air Max 90 family

It has been 31 whole years since the release of the first ever Nike Air Max trainers, and the shoe has come a long way. With the addition of new models to the Air Max family almost every other year since its inception, the family has grown significantly. A new model of the Nike Air Max was also laun...

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5 popular and trending variants of the Nike Cortez

Nike is a brand name known to everyone when it comes to athletic and fitness goods. Shifting fashion trends today indicate a comeback of the classic Nike Cortez sneakers, that were popular in the 70s. The low profile style works particularly well with different styles of women's clothing. Popular va...

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