Top broadband and fiber internet service providers

Every city and town in the country has a handful of reliable internet providers. Some offer affordable broadband internet plans, while others have launched faster fiber packages for an additional price. So when you decide to pick an internet provider, it boils down to your usage patterns and budget....

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Top student Wi-Fi plans to check out

Internet connectivity has become the need of the hour. In fact, many consider it a basic necessity that is instrumental in shaping a child’s education and outlook. The federal government recognizes this importance and has introduced discounted credit programs to help cut down the ownership cost of...

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Everything to know about Verizon’s home internet plans

Gone are the days when out of sight was out of mind. Today, thanks to the internet, individuals from entirely different time zones can participate in global events, collaborate for work, or even spend cozy evenings chit-chatting over coffee. Purchasing internet plans from reliable companies can help...

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9 things one should never do on the internet

The internet has made our lives much easier, but people often make mistakes when using it, which they regret later. Blunders like accidentally uploading old middle-school photos on social media can cause simple embarrassment. But other slip-ups, like clicking on an innocuous-looking link on a random...

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