What are the symptoms of chronic constipation?

What are the symptoms of chronic constipation?

Constipation that lasts for more than three months is called chronic constipation. Chronic constipation is not a life-threatening condition, but it can adversely affect a person’s day-to-day life. However, persistent bowel troubles can affect the colon and overall health of an individual and also cause other medical problems.

Chronic constipation treatment is possible with the correct diagnosis of the underlying cause of the problem.

Chronic constipation symptoms

There are several symptoms of chronic constipation. Though the person might not experience all the symptoms, there are symptoms that are common among people suffering from constipation.

  • One of the main symptoms of chronic constipation is having only one or two bowel movements in a week. Most people experience constipation at some points in their lives. Usually, the problem resolves on its own. But when the problem with bowel movements persist, constipation treatment may become necessary.
  • A common sign of chronic constipation is the need to strain to experience bowel movements. When you don’t have normal bowel movements, you may feel like inducing one through forcing the rectal muscles to relax and contract. Frequent straining can cause anal fissures and damage the rectal area. It is best to seek chronic constipation treatment rather than damage your health.
  • During constipation, stools can become hard. When there is a delay in bowel movements, the water in the stools may get reabsorbed in the body. It can make evacuation more difficult by the day. To address this problem, you may need treatment for constipation at the earliest. It can be through diet changes or medical intervention.
  • During chronic constipation, a feeling of incomplete bowel evacuation can linger even after passing stools. You may resort to straining of the rectum and pressing the abdomen to facilitate a bowel movement. But doing so regularly can cause further harm. Timely treatment of constipation can provide some relief if not completely.
  • A feeling of having a blockage in the rectum can be a sign of chronic constipation. It can be very uncomfortable to feel this way all the time. Chronic constipation treatment may be necessary to resolve the issue.

It is essential to seek chronic constipation treatment as bowel problems can be a sign of other medical conditions.