Construction and maintenance: A necessity today

Construction and maintenance: A necessity today

Construction is a term that means the science and art required to construct, build or form structures, organizations, and objects. It is derived from the Latin term constructionem’ and the Old French term construction.’ The phases of construction are multiple folds. They are:

Vision/fantasy/idea A concept that may or may not be intended to be built (may be a structural design)
Proposed A concept that is under review by the owner and the government
Approved A concept that will be constructed shortly
Design A contract between the owner and the contractor mentioning a detailed specification of what is to be built
Procurement The selection of the contractor or contractors to implement the construction plan
Diversions Before the construction starts, any services or facilities on the site, which must be operational to serve other adjacent sites, must be diverted.
Under-construction Ongoing construction of a fully-designed building
Groundworks Construction below ground level (construction of basements and foundations)
Topped-out A fully designed building where construction has reached the highest or the topmost point of the building
Fitting out Installation of the decorative and non-structural additions after the main structure of the building has been completed (ceilings, paintings, light fittings, etc.)
Commissioning or setting to work Once the building’s mechanical, electrical, plumbing, communications, and building control systems have been installed, they need to be tested and adjusted accordingly.
Substantial completion / beneficial occupancy The point when the work is almost complete so that the owners can occupy or reside.
Complete/built A fully-designed building that has been completely built
Building operation Day-to-day activities that are needed to make sure the building can be used.
Maintenance The work needed to ensure the building continues to operate by its design, plan, and efficiency
Repair Replacing and mending building elements that have been damaged
Renovation Modification to the building
Demolition Destruction of the constructed building, which may include collecting some of the elements for reuse.

Maintenance is the process of taking care and looking after the amenities and the proper functioning of the infrastructure and the types of machinery associated with it. It involves looking after and mending the tools and the elements that ensure the optimal functioning of the structure.

Why are construction and maintenance needed?
Construction is a necessity because it leads to the creation of something new. With an ever-growing population, more and more infrastructure is needed to sustain life. Management is essential because it ensures the proper functioning of the constructed structures. It involves providing a healthy and sanitary environment for residents and everyone else.

With the growing rate of unemployment and population, the growth in the construction industry can be a great source of help. It can provide large-scale employment and infrastructure to cope with the growing population. It is one of the biggest and most illustrious career options today, with the industry earning high revenue, every year.