Cost of Medicare supplemental insurance plans for seniors

Cost of Medicare supplemental insurance plans for seniors

The cost of Medicare supplemental insurance plans for senior citizens depends on what each is looking for whether supplemental health insurance plans for seniors or Medicare supplement plans. Although they are very similar in terminology, they are both very different.

Supplemental health plans designed specifically for the needs of seniors are known as senior supplements. Dental, life insurance, and vision are some of the products included in the supplementary health insurance. These plans are not at all related to Medicare are sold by other private health insurance companies. An individual can purchase them at any time.

Medicare supplemental plans are related to Medicare with each plan letter offering a different benefit that comes along with a different premium amount. Expenses left out by original Medicare coverage is what Medicare supplemental plans take care of. Medigap plans, however, do not include dental, vision or any other supplemental health insurance benefits.

Getting to the cost supplemental health insurance for seniors depends on the health insurance company, the type of plan and benefit level that each opts for. These amounts vary with each person but to get a rough idea seniors can purchase plans between the ranges listed below.

  • Dental – $21 to $43
  • Vision – $10 to $18
  • Fixed Indemnity – $27 to $ 427

The cost of Medigap or Medicare insurance is generally more complicated to find as health insurance companies price Medigap based on three ways. These may either be community-rated where premiums aren’t rated based on age; issue-age rated where the age when you purchase the policy will dictate the monthly premium that you pay; attained-age rated where premiums directly increase with your age. Each Medigap plan’s cost varies with each health insurance company. The cost of these programs may range anywhere between $75 to $425. But before you jump to any conclusions and settle down with a Medicare plan, make sure that you compare benefits offered by other programs as well, as you can only never tell what would be the best for you.

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