Different types of male catheters

Different types of male catheters

Urinary catheter for men is a hollow tube that collects urine from the bladder submits it in the drainage bag that is connected to it. The hollow tube is partially flexible and the catheters are made of rubber, plastic and silicone. They are required when the bladder cannot empty on its own. If urine is left in the bladder, it can cause pressure to kidneys, which can lead to kidney failure. So, to avoid that, urinary catheters are used.

If you have been recently told that you will now need a urinary catheter then you will probably need detailed information on different types of catheters for men. Intermittent catheters are popular and there are different types that come under intermittent catheters:

Intermittent catheter is a thin tube that is made of vinyl, silicone or rubber. The tube is inserted into the bladder through urethra so the urine can be manually drained in a way that everyone can do it on their own. Intermittent catheter is a onetime use catheter for men and reusing them after washing can increase your chances of getting a disease or infection.

There are three types of intermittent catheter:

Straight catheter uses the original technology made in such a way that it is able to drain the bladder properly and at regular intervals. This are also known as ‘in and out’ catheters. The tubes are uncoated so can be used when manually lubricated before insertion. These intermittent catheters for men come in both, straight and coud/curved tip catheter. Curved tip catheter is for men who cannot use straight tip catheter.

Hydrophilic catheters: The are similar to straight catheter apart from having a hydrophilic coating that gets activated by water and becomes slippery and ready to use. The mess created while using catheters is less in hydrophilic catheters and much easier to use. The catheter to get activated by water is done manually in some brands.

Closed system catheters: These catheters for men are self-contained. They are sterilized and pre-lubricated. They are ideal for people who are on a wheelchair or who have to travel. There is no need of going to a toilet immediately after the bag is full. It can be done at a time that is convenient for the person. Closed system catheters come with extra collection bag so you can drain the used one in the toilet and attach a new one. Gloves, underpad and antiseptic wipes come in a closed system catheters to make the whole process much easier for the person using it.

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