Disadvantages of laser color printers

Disadvantages of laser color printers

An increasing number of homes and offices are now opting for laser color printers, owing to the efficiency in printing and the speed of printing it offers. Printers are important for any business, be it small scale or large scale. There are several other benefits of owning laser color printers. However, it is an important investment for your home or office and one should always make an informed choice – knowing all the advantages and more importantly the disadvantages of the same.

Here are the disadvantages of a laser color printer that you should aware of before investing in one.

Cost of the device

The cost of a laser color printer is higher than inkjet ones. So you need to consider your budget before investing in one. These cost more as they offer a number of advanced and efficient features.

Maintenance costs

The cost of the refills for toner cartridges for a laser color printer cost more than the toner refills for other categories of printers. However, the cartridges for the laser color printer do not need to be replaced as often as an inkjet printer or any other kind of printer. For example, the HP ink used in the company’s toner refills can last for a long time and print large volumes before running out.

Warming time

Laser color printers need time to warm up before they start printing. This feature may sometimes warm the room as well especially if it’s a small room. This reason is why a laser color printer may not suitable in places that are already too warm.

Difficulty in moving around

Laser color printers are mostly heavy and can be quite difficult to move around, not an ideal choice if you need a portable printer like a portable inkjet printer.

Before you set out shopping for your printer, understand your printing needs and budget to help you choose the right device. The cons of a laser color printer are way less than the benefits it offers in comparison to other printers. These cons may or may not be an issue for many.