Drape your windows with the best curtain valances

Drape your windows with the best curtain valances

If you don’t want your curtain rod to be seen and want to add an extra touch of elegance to your curtains, then valances are the best option for you. Valances make your curtains look fuller. As we all know, the right curtain can give your living room an entirely changed look. And valances are like the cherry on top of the pudding. Curtain valances are of various types and each of them has their own charm.

Scalloped valance
Scalloped valances add an extra touch of sophistication to your curtains. Plaid patterns are also available for all the country lovers out there. Scalloped curtain valances can alter the look of your windows. If you have a large window, then you can put panels along with the curtain valances in a coordinated manner. On the contrary, if you have small windows, then forget the panels and put only the valances. This way you will have more light in your room.

Ascot valance
The specialty of ascot curtain valances is their triangular edges. These edges are pointed in the downward direction and on the tip, a beautiful tassel is often attached. If you have your room featured in a solid color appearance, then you should opt for ascot valances, which will lift up the overall appearance of your room. And if you prefer a dramatic appearance, then you can opt for the dark patterns.

Cornice valance
The cornice curtain valances are also known by the name of pelmets. They are made of a stiff fabric, which gives them a flat outlook. Sometimes a separate rod is used to hang them and sometimes they are attached to the window board with the help of Velcro. If you want a plain and minimal look with a touch of vintage, then cornice valances are the best option.

Scarf valance
The scarf curtain valances give an immediate draping effect to your windows and have a curved portion in the middle with flowing sides. These types of valances are perfect for large and airy living rooms. If you want a romantic outlook, then opt for sheer fabric and if you want a royal appearance, then opt for a thick and good-quality fabric. The scarf valances are a mark of elegance in the formal style.

Balloon valance
The balloon valances have a typical puffed up look, just like a balloon. If you have a Victorian style room or intend to have one, then the balloon curtain valances are right for you. They are usually made of fabric that is lightweight. The puffed-up nature gives a fuller appearance to the windows. Choosing a darker shade than the rest of the surroundings for your balloon valances make them look even more elegant.

Tailored valance
A tailored valance has a lot of similarities with that of a cornice valance and gives a flat and plain look. They are available in a wide range of fabrics and colors.

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