Everything you need to know about laundry appliances offered by Pacific Sales

Everything you need to know about laundry appliances offered by Pacific Sales

Originally started almost six decades ago in Torrance, California, Pacific Sales deal with appliances, electronics, and home improvement products. Currently, they are operating in eight states and since they a subsidiary of Best Buy you can find their appliance only stores in several other locations. Whether you are looking for a single product for your home or multiple products for your business, Pacific Sales has got all your shopping priorities covered. Laundry and kitchen appliances are some of the most popular goods sold by Pacific Sales.

If you are planning to buy Pacific Sales appliances for your laundry room, then here are range of their products you must be aware of

  • Washers Pacific Sales appliances offer an incredible range of washing machines consisting of varied sizes, designs, and features such as minimum water consumption, energy efficiency, smartphone compatibility, steam function, etc. You can find both top loader and front loader washers along with essential accessories.
  • Dryers You can get both gas and electric dryers along with dryer accessories. Gas variants could be an inexpensive option and can be more efficient. However, electric dryers save more energy and spare you from the nuisance of venting, so they can be an excellent choice for small houses and apartments. They come along with diverse features like moisture sensors, steam function, reverse door hinge, energy saving, touchpad controls, drum lights, etc. These can be even linked your smartphone apps.

If space is a major concern in your home, then you can also explore variants like stacking units and washer/dryer combos. These can help you make efficient use of your home space, and can even be installed in areas like the kitchen.

The Pacific Sales appliances also offer washer and dryer accessories such as laundry pedestals, stacking kits and installation hardware. Some of the popular brands provided by Pacific Sales for laundry appliances are Maytag, Samsung, Smart Choice, Whirlpool, GE, Bosch, LG, Frigidaire, etc.

When it comes to kitchen appliances, Pacific Sales provide refrigerators, microwaves, coffee makers, dishwashers, ranges, wall ovens, cooktops, freezers, ice makers, compactors, and disposals.

Besides the fantastic deals on laundry and kitchen appliances, Pacific Sales offers 18-month financing on all the main products. You are also qualified for the free delivery and installation of goods which cost over $399. They also haul away eligible products which are worth over $15. If you are facing any problems while shopping for Pacific Sales appliances, then you can contact the expert customer service who are available both in stores and online.