Few tax benefits you didn’t know existed

Few tax benefits you didn’t know existed

While we all are worried about filing the tax returns with the best possible audits, most of us are also taking a closer look at the tax benefits and deductions. Tax deductions are important for taxpayers as these amounts can be directly deducted from the gross income. Right from getting the best investments to saving the receipts of health insurance premiums, smallest of these expenses can save you a lot more during your tax filing. Let us take a look at some of the tax deductions or benefits that you did not know that existed.

Health insurance premiums
Medical expenses can cost you a fortune and therefore, there are provisions that help in saving tax with the health insurance premiums. The taxpayer needs to itemize the medical expenses and mention the same during the tax auditing. In order to benefit from the health insurance premiums, the deductible medical expenses should be more than 7.5% of the gross income. If in case the taxpayer is self-employed and has paid for his or her medical expenses themselves, then the complete premium paid can be considered for claiming the tax benefit. The amount so deducted is considered from the gross income and not as an exclusion under itemization.

Sales taxes
Sales tax can also be deducted from the federal income tax. This provision can be a big money saver in the states that do not have arrangements for their own income tax. If you are claiming your tax benefit under the sales tax, then the item needs to be mentioned under claim deduction. One can refer to the official website of IRS to know more about the savings on big purchases and tax benefits under the sales tax.

Charitable gifts
These gifts make for a great money saving option under the federal income tax. It is useful to save the receipts and itemize them once the tax audit takes place. For instance, if you are baking cakes and using the funds to pay for a charitable organization, the cost of ingredients can be used as tax deductions.

Investments are one of the core benefits of tax refunds. Some of the tax deductions under investments include individual retirement agreements, capital losses, the sale of a home, etc.

Other tax benefits are:

  • Cost of the babysitter
  • Lifetime learning credit
  • Unusual business expenses
  • Self-employed social security

So, if you are looking for more information on tax benefits and deductions, visit the official website of IRS for a detailed list.