Say hello to your new fitness partner- Garmin activity tracker

Say hello to your new fitness partner- Garmin activity tracker

Today, even a simple physical activity like going for a run can be aided by technology. It isn’t enough to just run for half an hour, you need to know the distance you have run, your average speed, stride and of course the number of calories burnt. All of these calculations are possible with an activity tracker. Some of the most well-known activity trackers include the Garmin Activity tracker, Fitbit and Apple Activity tracker.

Garmin is known for its GPS technology that has made it a forerunner in the field of activity trackers, aviation, marina and automotive. The company was founded in 1989 and today operates in a number of countries around the world including UK, Canada, Taiwan and Spain. They specialize in vector-based maps that are stored in a device’s built-in memory or loaded from media drives. These maps are provided by Navteq, an American provider of geographic information system data.

When it comes to wearable activity trackers; the needs of a runner and a swimmer are different and hence Garmin has designed different types of activity trackers for different sports. The newest Garmin activity tracking watch for runners calculates the distance run and your speed along with other parameters such as your heart rate and uploads it to your account on their online fitness community. Thus, even though you may be working out alone, you are part of a community that continually encourages you to keep working at it. This helps you share your progress and challenge people to better themselves.

Similarly, cycling enthusiasts can pick between an activity tracking watch, mountable GPS tracker or pedal based power meters. Not only do these devices track your movement, they also share live updates to your social media accounts and sync themselves to your phone. The best way to gauge your cycling performance is to calculate the power being used at the pedals. This is where the Garmin pedal based power meters come in. Pedal based power meters typically capture data form a single pedal and approximate the total amount of energy used from this data.

Swimmers looking for a way to track their performance can use the Garmin Swim. This is a swimming watch that measures the number of laps swum, your overall distance, pace and number of strokes. This allows you to focus on your swimming technique rather than the number of laps swum. Even golfers can benefit from a Garmin wearable tracker. These watches measure swing tempo and strength, provide a course view with manual pin positioning and measure precise distances for over 30,000 international courses. Thus even if you’re in the woods or in an area without a clear line of vision to the green, your watch will tell you all you need to know.

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