Home remedies to treat Cushing’s disease and its symptoms

Home remedies to treat Cushing’s disease and its symptoms

Cushing’s disease is a condition in which there is an excess production of the hormone cortisol in the body. The adrenal and pituitary glands do not function normally. Usually, people do experience high levels of cortisol hormone at least once in their lifetime, however, in the case of Cushing’s disease, the levels remain high for an extended period.

Cushing’s disease may be caused by several reasons such as tumors in the adrenal gland; this leads to a spike in the amount of cortisol production. This rare disease affects the body in more than one way and is extremely dangerous. One may suffer from excess hair growth, high blood pressure, swelling the neck and face, diabetes, etc. Cushing’s disease symptoms develop over a period, and there are few ways to self-manage the symptoms and deal with the condition:

Get enough rest – The body should receive sufficient time to recover and rest. Exerting the body to a very high level can boost the levels of cortisol hormone. This is because the time an individual sleeps is connected to the hormonal levels. Thus, people who suffer from Cushing’s disease should ensure that they get a proper amount of sleep and rest.

Limited activities – Although pushing one’s self to do heavy workouts is not safe, engaging in a limited physical activity is essential. The muscles tend to weaken due to the condition and a slow approach towards fitness is safer. A reasonable amount of physical activity will ease the Cushing’s disease symptoms and also help in faster healing.

Nutritious diet – To recover, the body needs a nutritious diet. Eating a wholesome meal will fuel the body and fasten the journey of healing. Also, the nutrition in your meal will help strengthen the body and the immune system that is affected by the condition. Moreover, a healthy diet will assist in shedding extra pounds that is one of the major Cushing’s disease symptoms.

Treat mental health – Cushing’s disease and its symptoms have a significant impact on the mental health. Thus, addressing this issue is essential. Depression is a major Cushing’s disease symptom that can develop and persist during the treatment of the condition. The patient should seek help from a therapist who will help in effectively coping with the issue.

The period taken to recover from Cushing’s disease symptoms can take a while, and the process solely depends on the severity of the condition. It is essential to work out a medical plan with the doctor and continue treatment until the condition subsides.

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