How to apply for PepsiCo jobs

How to apply for PepsiCo jobs

PepsiCo is one of the good companies to work for. They have many employee benefit programs that are one of the reasons people like working there. Moreover, it has a global presence and is a gateway to learn many things. Working at PepsiCo can be great for your career growth. Multinational companies have a lot to teach you and it isn’t overly easy to get in an MNC. Therefore, here are some ways you can land a job at PepsiCo.

Have an online presence
While you read about companies, companies also read about you. Make sure to keep your LinkedIn profile and other such formal social media profiles up-to-date and post interesting, knowledgeable content there. Companies may go through your profile online at some point in time, and it can make a difference.

Use your connections
Most of the times, connections and contacts come in handy. Companies like PepsiCo give preference to references. If there is an existing employee in PepsiCo whom you know on a personal or professional level (if you have worked with him/her before), then use that to send across your CV to the company and get through the interview round.

Use online job portals
PepsiCo has put up open positions on almost all online job portals. Ensure to keep searching. If you don’t get a response even after applying on various job portals, you can go through the job description mentioned on the job portal and accordingly write a cover letter and send it to someone who works in that department via their e-mail. You will have to do some extra work to find out the email address.

Apply on the website
Go to PepsiCo’s online website and click on their careers page, see the openings, and apply for the one that interests you. You can also attach your resume on the website.

Send E-mails
You don’t always have to follow the protocol. If you need a job in this company, you can try everything to land an interview. Find out the e-mail ID of one person in that company. All you need is the right name that can get you hired. You can also get the name with the help of business-employment social media platforms (e.g. LinkedIn) and send out e-mails to those you think can get you in.