How to create a beautiful themed room with curio cabinets, lights, et al.

How to create a beautiful themed room with curio cabinets, lights, et al.

The Buckingham Palace, the White House, and many other well recognised buildings have been developed in line with a particular theme which might be depicting the political or economic conditions of the time when they were constructed or the stature they hold in society.

Unknowingly though, every colony, park, entertainment zone, restaurant or hotel develops a theme, either in an organic and evolving manner or a purposeful manner. The article discusses a few aspects on how a person can develop a theme for his or her room to impress visitors effortlessly.

Set a budget
Art must not be mixed with finance. Instead, a certain limit on the expenditure should be set for decoration and this has to be in advance. As mentioned before, every budget might not fit the theme you have in mind. It is rather recommended to do some personal market research on the requirements of a particular theme and the prices attached with each requirement via the internet. A person can get better deals for tables, curio cabinets, desks, etc., than what he or she would have got from an interior decorator.

Pick an inspiring place
Considering a place or famous building which has influenced you the most is the basic step of the evolution of a theme in a living room. It asks for more than what a person might consider. Simply giving a room a name you like is not enough. This is because of two reasons.

  • The budget might press a constraint upon the individual’s choices. A classic or royal theme as in the White House might not be so affordable.
  • Themes are not about selecting a particular venue and creating an exact copy in the living room. The venue should only act as a seed from which the theme might flourish like a tree.
    For starters, you can choose your favorite restaurant, cafe, or hotel as the theme you want in your room.

Ask yourself why
The important question to ask yourself is why do you want to decorate the room in a particular fashion? This is because the placement of various items would depend on it. If you wish to create a cozy and intimate ambiance, you might want to bring in closed cabinets, and place the tables behind the sofa, install simple bulbs, etc. But if you wish to make a grand statement, opt for curio cabinets, attractive light fixtures in metal perhaps, beautiful wooden sofas and so on.

Display prized possessions
It is natural to want to display your prized possessions properly so that visitors can appreciate the mementos easily. Curio cabinets might come in handy in this regard. These are mostly made of glass so that what is inside can be easily visible to others. They come with special LED lights and removable glasses too, so that the size can be adjusted according to what is to be kept in the cabinet. The reflection or refraction of yellow bulbs from the mirrors and glasses truly presents a visual treat.

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