How to increase the life of your dress shoes

How to increase the life of your dress shoes

A man will always need dress shoes, regardless of his age and profession. But it pays to know which material and construction types will help shoes to last longer than others. Cheapest are not always the best. Many men don’t realize that, and opt for cheaper shoes. Invariably they are compelled to replace their dress shoes within a short timeframe. On the other hand, with a little care, high quality shoes will last a long time. Moreover, a comfortable pair of dress shoes will be able to endure regular use and assist in preventing different types of back, knee and foot pain.

Buying the right pair of dress shoes: Here are a few aspects to consider before purchasing men’s dress shoes.

Certain varieties of leather age better: Typically, men’s dress shoes are made of leather. Even though there are different types of leather, in most cases, dress shoes are made of one of two types of leather.

Full grain leather: This type of leather receives minimal treatment and thus the surface remains much the same as it was on the animal. When given proper care, this type of leather ages well and gradually develops a natural patina. If budget is not a constraint for you, you should go for a pair of shoes made from full grain leather.

Corrected leather: This type of leather receives sanding for removal of imperfections. At times, an artificial grain is also applied and then coated with a dissolvable sealant. The shoe may look quite shiny and attractive at the store but can wear down and peel off with normal usage.

Understanding the difference between the two types of leather: It is easy to understand the differences between the corrected and full grain leather. Men’s shoes made of corrected leather will have an unnatural shine and the same color and texture all over the shoes. On the other hand, full grain leather will have a deeper color, and the natural feel of leather. The easiest way to discern between different types of leather is to look up the shoes and their tags. Reputable manufacturers will not hesitate to declare the type of leather that the shoes are made of.

Construction of the shoes is important: Shoe construction refers to the process in which the sole has been attached to the rest of the shoe. The most common ways of construction of the shoes include:

Welted: This type of shoe construction is the standard for all premium quality men’s shoes. It is found that this particular method of stitching the sole to the upper renders the shoe most durable and breathable. It is labor intensive and therefore, you may have to pay higher prices for it.

Cemented: A cheap alternative to welted shoes is cemented ones. With regular usage, this type of men’s shoes may last for a year or two at the most.

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