Know How Portable Oxygen Concentrator Can Save Lives

Know How Portable Oxygen Concentrator Can Save Lives

The portable oxygen concentrators are now the life-savers of human beings of increasing mortality. Providing purified air in the places, the devices are mobile so that anyone can take them anywhere, even in the flights as the Federal Aviation Administration now approves of them in commercial flights. The long-lasting battery life and advanced technology make sure the durability of the devices that are often run by electricity. If you are buying the portable oxygen concentrators for the first time, you need to know about these two products.

Inogen One G3

This portable oxygen concentrator is one of the most lightweight and smallest devices that can actually produce supplemental oxygen. The long-lasting battery is one of the benefits of using the oxygen machine. Designed to cater to the medical needs of the patients, the machines are highly independent so that anybody can use them anywhere. Moreover, the device does not even a rolling cart during the transportation.

  • The product comes with a bag that helps the users to carry it around as the bag can be worn over the shoulders.
  • This particular device launched by Inogen never makes noise implying the fact that anyone with the critical condition can use the product in church or library.
  • There is an LCD display attached to the body which assists the users to see the battery life and flow settings.
  • The three-year manufacturing warranty can work as a savior for those who never seem put down their footsteps within the household. In addition to the context, there is a three-month warranty on the accessories.
  • You can store the product in a dry place devoid of dirt and dust and pollutants. Moreover, the place with non-condensing and 0% to 95% humidity can work as the storage place of the portable oxygen concentrator.

Battery Life

Emerging in the market with two models which are 5.7 pounds and 5 pounds, the former has 16 cell battery and the latter has 8 cell battery. The battery capacity refers to the fact that how long-lasting the product can be in a day. The fast charging is enabled that recharges the battery faster than the usual. In normal charging, it takes approximately 4 hours to be charged fully.

Invacare platinum mobile oxygen concentrator

The water-resistant portable oxygen concentrator has the potential to run up to 8 hours. Moreover, with one battery it can provide the users with a great service. The oxygen therapy can take a wrong turn if the concentrator is too loud and heavy. In order to reduce the uncertainty of life, the lightweight and compact device can fight against the unpredictability of life.

  • Durable enough to be carried around. There are four settings which help you to get maximum 44 ml in every minute.
  • As it has already been mentioned that the product is completely waterproof, the proper technological use of the device has made it shock resistant as well. Moreover, bruises and bumps cannot leave any impact on the service.
  • For making it easier for the elderly people, the buttons have been made larger so that they can easily see and operate them. Moreover, the user-friendly buttons do not need computer programming to operate.
  • The package comes with DC adapter, AC adapter, single battery, cannula and a carry case. Additionally, there is HEPA filter attached to it.
  • As it is certified by FAA, you can take it on the commercial flights. Apart from flights, the device can be used in cinema, solemn ceremonies or library.

The contribution of the POC to the mankind is immeasurable and has become essential; however, their pricing can be a problem for everyone to afford. All of the Medicare claims do not cover the expenses incurred due to the portable oxygen concentrators and the noise coming out of the device can create discomfort. However, there is still no effective alternative to the device as it can reduce the risk factors for lung disease and respiratory disease.

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