Need for GPS systems for transit fleets

Need for GPS systems for transit fleets

Fleet management for transit fleet operators is slightly different as their requirements need other facilities than the commercial, engineering and other routine managerial requirements of truck fleet operators. Taking inter and intrastate passengers transport requires additional requirements of passenger safety and conveniences to be looked after. Another activity the transit fleet operators undertake is managing the logistical requirements of events of even state, national and international dimensions. Accountability for safety of patrons, punctuality, communication with guest of different nationalities, and coordination between different operators of different modes of transport and interpersonal relation management are exceedingly high. The necessary inputs for all these activities need to be generated and made available in real time to the concerned authorities.

Passenger requirements are inboard warning of opening of doors and their non-closure, written and voice announcement of upcoming stations, any route deviations for whatever reasons, and management of any medical emergency of both running staff and passengers and avoidance of panic in the vehicle. In short, a high customer satisfaction is a valuable asset to any business.

International Event management is a different cup of tea. The very magnitude is huge. Some of the requirements of the system are very sophisticated. One should have the facility of live dispatching. The operative manning, the tracking map should have the nearby vehicles and volunteers of your team be able to dispatch them on line to the location of requirement. Needless to say, they too need these facilities at their disposal. Similarly, it should have a very quick rerouting capacity or the volunteers sent to sort out the problem should be able to walk them out of the jam and get into the fast track quickly.

Huge multi party events are always managed by a team comprising of many players. Interoperability is an essential requisite and an integrated software suite so the needs of all participants are met seamlessly. Safety and security are a huge concern and any unauthorized vehicle movement or change in the route should be immediately notified to the concerned authority. Fleet operators today have installed high-tech fleet tracker GPS systems in all of the vehicles in their fleet in order to ensure passenger, driver and vehicular safety. It is equally important to keep your volunteers and logistic managers safe and a panic feature to alert the dispatcher and supervisor to the emergency and react.

The above is just a sample only and is neither comprehensive nor exhaustive. It is to just indicate the magnitude of sophistication that is required to meet the requirements of a successful transit fleet operator. These are in addition to the normal fleet operators’ requirements.