Origin and evolution of mac and cheese casserole recipe

Origin and evolution of mac and cheese casserole recipe

Although the exact origin of this recipe is unknown to the world, but it is to be believed that mac & cheese casserole recipe comes from Northern Europe. It is also seen that the earliest recorded mac& cheese recipe was first written down in the year 1769. Being a common dish and a staple of American cuisine, this recipe was interesting brought by Thomas Jefferson, who while visiting Europe, was captivated by this simple dish.

Over the period of time, the mac & cheese casserole recipe became famous in every American household. In the early 1900’s, one of the companies in America brought boxed macaroni and cheese, which saw this recipe gaining popularity even during the World War II.

We see that a famous chef likes to wrap the mac & cheese in bacon and then flash fry the same, which turns this simple dish into a unique recipe altogether. Then there are popular cookbooks, wherein the recipe turns to Velveeta sauce, cream of mushroom and onion soup. This topped with some Mexican salsa and broccoli is good to go with. Most of the chefs of today’s generation have made a number of improvisation in the authentic mac & cheese casserole recipe. Every cookbook might have its own variation of this recipe but whatever it is, the recipe still turns out to be super delicious and appetizing.

The evolution of this common staple food has come a long way with the chefs trying and innovating newer ingredients into the mac & cheese casserole recipe. Some also put in fresh herbs such as rosemary, and oregano into the traditional cheddar-based sauce. This addition adds loads of flavor and ultimately makes a standard mac & cheese recipe into an eccentric yet delicious bowl full of flavors.

As it is seen that the American comfort foods are popular due to its easy preparation and quick cooking time. The mac & cheese casserole recipe too is a simple-to-prepare dish and requires limited ingredients. This is an extremely popular recipe as this dish can be seen right from the house party to any upscale restaurant.
A cheesy favorite of many, the mac & cheese casserole recipe can be made healthier by adding your own basket of protein-rich vegetables and this would still taste yummy. Over the years, it is seen that this simple and delicious recipe is welcomed everywhere it goes and in whichever form it is prepared.

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