Philips medical alert systems will not cost your life

Philips medical alert systems will not cost your life

As you age, you never know when you might need hospitalization or immediate medical attention. That is exactly why Philips medical alert system has introduced various medical alert devices that can help one have medical help whenever he or she needs it. Philips medical alert devices serve more like a personal emergency medical alert system that can ensure one’s safety 24/7. Let’s find out about the price of these lifesaving devices here.

  • HomeSafe Standard

To offer emergency alert coverage at home, either via a telephone line or wireless, this particular medical alert device Philips offers has 24/7 easy and quick access to the emergency response center. The waterproof help buttons can be worn either as a wrist band or a pendant. The HomeSafe Standard from Philips’ Lifeline range of medical alert devices costs $29.95 per month. With no extra up-front charge for the equipment, this device also comes with a warranty that covers both servicing and its maintenance costs.

  • HomeSafe with AutoAlert

People who are unsure about whether they will be able to push the emergency help button at the right time or not, the HomeSafe medical alert device with AutoAlert is ideal for them. Offering full coverage in and around the house, this device can be installed at a monthly charge of $44.95. Whenever a fall is detected, the AutoAlert device, which is one of the many Philips medical alert devices, automatically places a call to the emergency response center. It functions well both with and without a landline.

  • GoSafe

Exclusively designed for people who love to stay active and spend time out of the home more often, GoSafe under Philips medical alert devices is a good option. At a monthly expense of $54.95, this device ensures that you get help immediately no matter where you are, as it can pinpoint the location in six different ways. There is also a pendant that comes with it for easy two-way voice communication that makes it simple to ask for help.

Keeping a track on the change of one’s medical condition, Philips medical alert devices summon a medical person the moment it senses the change to be something hazardous. They simply ensure that a person gets the emergency medical assistance just when they need it.

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