Popular and long lasting dog chew treats

Popular and long lasting dog chew treats

Dogs have a habit of chewing. It is only natural for them to find something to gnaw or bite on constantly. Dogs can chew on anything as they have sharp incisors and molars. Chewing is one of the ways for animals to explore new objects. However, as a responsible pet owner, you must give them the best dog chew treats available in the market.

You can also relax knowing your dog won’t go after your favorite pair of shoes if they are busy with the best dog chew treat. Consider the following points before buying the best puppy chew treats and toys, to ensure your pet gets quality products.

Chewing habits
Identify your dog’s chewing habits. Dogs will have different chewing habits or preferences so it is crucial for you to find out if your furry little friend is just a nibbler or can chew its way through hard objects in a matter of minutes.

Popular products
You have the option of choosing from a variety of products available in the market. Rubber chew toys, rope chew toys, rawhides, bully sticks, edible chews, and treats are popular options you can consider.

Always buy quality products
Don’t skimp on chew toys as your pets will be spending a considerable amount of time using the products. Check the hardness, softness, durability, type of coating, the size, shape, and more importantly, the entertainment value of some of the best dog chew treats and toys available in the market.

A list of best chew treats for dogs
Now that you know how to buy, all that remains is what and where to buy some of the best dog chew treas. Consider the following products to keep your canine friends entertained.

Braided bully pizzle sticks
Bully sticks have always been a pet favorite and dogs love to chew on these meat treats for hours. Bully sticks are made using high protein beef muscle that helps maintain a healthy fur coat, clean teeth, strong muscles and enhances your pet’s brain function. While bully sticks last for a long time, the braided ones are made with three layers to make one giant pizzle stick that keeps your pet thoroughly engaged. You can buy a pack of bully sticks for just under $30.

Beef trachea chews
Dogs and pets, in general, don’t mind gross and disgusting things like beef trachea, as revolting as it sounds to you. Beef trachea chews are an excellent alternative to bully sticks, with glucosamine and chondroitin nutrients good for joint health making it one of the best dog chew treats under $15. The trachea is also an excellent source of protein and is hollow so you can put something extra to make it taste better. Everything tastes better with some peanut butter that will also mask the strong odor.

Benebone chews
One of the popular alternatives when it comes to non-edible best dog chew treats, Benebone is made out of strong nylon and food flavoring that will last your pet for weeks together. While your dog might finish off a couple of bully sticks and traces within days, these flavored nylon chew treats will keep them buys till they can chew no more. Moreover, these chewy delights are calorie free making them a healthy option as well. Benebone chews are available in regular and jumbo sizes that can be bought online for under $20.

Water buffalo horns
Horns mimic the shape and texture of a bone and dogs love bones. They will most certainly love water buffalo horns, a chew treat that is low in calories, high in protein, and most importantly odor free. The horns also reduce the risk of splintering that is an imminent threat in cooked bones. You can buy a two pack of water buffalo horns for just under $20 online.

Note that you must not leave your dog unsupervised with any type of chew treat or toy for a long time.