Popular cloud service solutions for small businesses

Popular cloud service solutions for small businesses

Every business, small or big needs access to their data while they go through their everyday routines. Data is needed on the go for even the simplest processes, so it is best to have a cloud storage that will provide for quick accesses. This matters more for small businesses because a cloud storage saves a lot of money otherwise spent on storage maintenance. Cloud Storage is an efficient solution when it comes to efficiency as well as price and hence, it is a good idea to find a good cloud server solution for small businesses. Following is a list of some of the best in the industry.

Amazon Web Services
Amazon Web Services is also known as (AWS). It offers a huge number of cloud hosting services. These include options like Pay less when you reserve, Pay as you go, Custom pricing, etc. It offers a number of hosting services like website hosting, app hosting, game hosting and much more at reasonable and competitive prices. Small businesses can take time to first understand which of the plans work best for them and then pay for the service.

Box is one of the most popular cloud services being used by small businesses. This cloud platform offers services like file sync, file sharing, IT and admin controls, cross platforms, dedicated technical support and much more to small businesses that looking to expand their horizon. Box has a personal plan which is free and offers 10GB of storage. Beyond that, every storage capacity is paid but the prices and what you get in exchange will surprise you.

Most individuals have heard about Dropbox and used it at some point in time. This cloud service is one of the most used services across the small and big-sized businesses. The company started small and today has clients like Hyatt, Macquarie Bank and National Geographic in their client list. Dropbox is effortless when it comes to storage, backup, sync, file sharing, and integration but one thing that sets it apart is its capability of sharing files with a user who is not using Dropbox.

Syncplicity is a great cloud service for small businesses that deal in sensitive data and would want a good control over their data and access. It provides for a clutter-free interface while providing for robust reporting systems and options for detailed monitoring of data usage. It offers a free personal plan that comes with 10 GB of storage. Storage above that capacity needs to be paid and has a fair pricing system. A paid account needs to have at least three users.