Popular dolls around the world

Popular dolls around the world

The children’s world is filled with different types of dolls. From popular Barbie dolls to Marie Osmond, dolls have always been a part and parcel of every girl’s childhood. If you want to gift a doll to your daughter and do not know where to start from, here are some of the popular dolls around the world.

American Girls: These particular dolls quickly became popular due to the amazing costumes they are dressed in. The dolls provide some books of information about the American Girls dolls. Being at one of the leading positions among baby dolls, these dolls are still considered as one of the best picks for the baby girls.

Bratz The fashionista: Characterized by its stunning beauty, these baby dolls are extremely fascinating. The striking features and the varied collection of costumes that these dolls are designed with are some of the remarkable features of Bratz dolls. In the year 2006, the dolls from Bratz has reached its peak of popularity by earning around two billion dollars from across the globe sale.

Adora Baby – Looks like a real one: If you are looking for one of the famous dolls of all times, then dolls from Adora Baby are the most prominent ones. One of the peculiar reasons as to why these dolls are so popular is due to its features that make it looks like a real baby. These dolls have been specially designed and are available in different shapes and eye colors, due to these features Adora Baby dolls are extremely attractive.

Barbie An all-time favorite: Barbie dolls have been the most popular dolls and a baby girl’s best friend. Every Barbie doll is unique and you want to have a collection of each doll at your place. The Barbie dolls have a varied range of designs, themes, looks, to name a few. They also are available in different sizes and shapes.

Robert Tonner Collection of character figures: The collection of Robert Tonner dolls drew a lot of attention from across the globe due to their representation of famous figures. These popular figurines are the ones which are popular among kids and therefore have a special design that makes them look quite similar. Some of the popular dolls from Robert Tonner include imitation of Superman, Kitty Collier, and the like.

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