Reasons to Buy Costco Tires

Reasons to Buy Costco Tires

The ideal brand to consider while changing your car tires is Costco tires. Accessories, wheels, and tires for almost any vehicle are available at Costco tires. They also stock tires for golf carts, ATVs, and trailers.

There are several perks attached to buying Costco tires. To keep the tires functional, they pay special attention to the vehicles by the rotation of tires. If the customer happens to be a member of Costco, they can avail a 15% discount on other accessories and parts at various service centers all across the country. For Costco Tire deals, it is best to subscribe to their newsletter and get your hands on brochures to know about their latest offers. Below is a list of reasons why Costco tires are the best:

Warranty for lifetime replacement of tires

At any point, if the Costco tire gets punctured, they will try to repair the damage or award a certain percentage of the cost. In case the tire flattens fully, they would replace it with a brand new tire.

Good pricing

Although initial installation charges may appear to be unnecessary, the perks that accompany later indeed make it a great deal when you are buying Costco tires. The installation fee comes to around $15 and it includes new valve stems, flat tire repair, balancing or mounting, tire rotation and lifetime balancing, road hazard protection, and waste tire disposal. The cost of Costco tires is based on multiple factors such as the warehouse location, the manufacturer of the tire, and the size of the tire being bought.

Rotation of tires for a lifetime

Costco tires provide tire rotation facility to its customers for the entire lifetime of the tire. Rotation and balancing normally costs around $15 for each tire and this should be done at least twice a year. If you calculate the rotation and balancing cost for a tire’s lifetime, it will reach $180 which you get to save with Costco tires.

Nitrogen inflation is better

When a tire runs out flat and you visit a Costco Tire Warehouse, they will use nitrogen to pump up your tires. This is the primary reason why green colored tube caps for inflation are used when the service session is completed. It is done to place a reminder on a Costco Tire that the particular tire cannot be serviced at any other air service station.

Heavy discounts

Buyers can always get good rebates on Costco tires. On buying a set of four Michelin or Bridgestone tires, you can avail attractive discounts. You can also buy individual tires but that wouldn’t fetch you any discount. Members get additional offers as against a buyer who is not a Costco member. Also, some of the selected Costco Tire range might not be available for non-members. These can be checked online and can be identified by a gray box over these tires which will require you to enter your Costco membership credentials. With an Executive, Gold, and Business Costco membership, the buyer gets to avail a discount of up to $500. This is applicable to any kind of vehicle that belongs to the member. As a welcome deal, Costco also has a discount for members which gives them a whopping 15% off on accessories. The member has to enter the zip code of the area in which they require the service.

Long operation hours of Costco Tire centers

These centers are open on all days of the week. Their timings would be similar to other warehouses in the area, however, the exact operational hours can be confirmed by using Costco Wholesale warehouse tracker. Majority of Costco Tire centers run between 10 AM to 8:30 PM from Monday to Friday. On Saturdays, these stores open earlier, at around 9:30 AM and close earlier too, by 6:00 PM. On Sundays, the timings are different, the stores are open from 10 AM onwards to 6 PM.