Seiko Watches – Timeless luxury for time keeping

Seiko Watches – Timeless luxury for time keeping

Luxury is a way of life which makes space for aesthetics, technology, and the best practices in terms of design and functionality. From clothing to cars and even homes, there are many products and services that can give is a high life experience which can be termed as luxurious. In this regard, there are many names that have created a dent in the luxury market with their stellar rendition of luxury in fashion and other products.

When we think of luxury, we also often think about watches. A watch is an investment more than a mere fashion accessory. There are many names that are associated with good quality watches which also come with a beautiful personality. Seiko watches are one such brand which is known all over the world thanks to its technology and larger than life craftsmanship. Let us find out more about the brand.

– Japanese Origins: Seiko Holdings is a Japanese company that develops more than just timepieces. It also creates electronic devices as well as semiconductors. The technical foundation of the company one that makes its timepieces some of the most effective and sought after pieces in the world. The company was founded in 1881 by Kintaro Hattori when he started a jewelry and watch store. It was later converted to a holdings company with a global distributorship.

– Visual Qualities: One of the most important features that sets these watches apart is the fact that the visual quality is taken care of in the best possible way. A crisp visual impact is what these watches deliver. Gleaming, well-polished panes, as well as a half recessed crown, are some of the ways in which these multifaceted dial watches are characterized.

– Movements: There are two kinds of movements that are created by the technology embedded into Seiko watches. These are quartz movements and mechanical movements. The brand also makes use of the spring drive and a newly developed technology known as a trio synchro regulator.

– Men and Women: The timepieces created by the brand also cater to both men and women. The fashionable watches are made to suit all kinds of personalities and have been often found patronage on red carpets too.

– Style: Seiko watches come in a range of styles that suit all kinds of events and occasions. Watches for sportswear, daily wear and party or formal wear can easily be found in the collection. Leather bands, steel bands, and bands in other kinds of metals and finishes can be found as well. The dial of the watch is multi-faceted and the hands are rendered in sharp detail so that the effect stands out on the flat dials. The watches are also embedded with diamonds and other stones. Some examples of the same include the Seiko Core collection which has dials decorated with diamonds in the periphery. For some of the watches, one can also find diamonds embedded for the four major hours like 12, 3, 6 and 9.