Smartphones for the savvy MetroPCS user

Smartphones for the savvy MetroPCS user

MetroPCS has been one of the leading prepaid wireless service provider in the US and after having merged with the T-Mobile US, Inc. in 2012, it has become a popular choice as a cell-phone carrier. The sturdy network and the economical plans that it has to offer was instrumental in helping MetroPCS scale the popularity ladder quite swiftly. MetroPCS has put an end to its customers woes and keeps coming with various different phone deals that can be thought as custom-made for its customers.

In addition to awesome cell phone plans, the MetroPCS also wants its users to use the perfect cell phone to heighten their user-experience. It has collaborated with the top-most cell phone companies and comes up with various MetroPCS phone deals where the customers can avail of brand new cell phones paired with MetroPCS network. Here are some of the tried and tested cell phones that would enable you to enhance your experience with its network.

  • The Iphone 7- The Iphone 7 would be the perfect handset for your MetroPCS network. If you look for MetroPCS phone deals online, you would be presented with an amazing phone plan along with the handset. On purchase of the Iphone 7, your MetroPCS plans would begin from 30$ where you can treat yourself to unlimited calls and texts and a whooping 2GB data
  • Samsung Galaxy S8- The tough Samsung cell phones has become become available on the MetroPCS since quite some time. The fancy yet edgy Samsung Galaxy S8, with its awesome camera and a 64GB internal memory has more to offer you. If you purchase this handset, under the MetroPCS phone deals tradition, you can avail of the interesting deal that comes along with it. You can choose from a wide variety of plans ranging from 30$ to 60$. Make your choice!
  • The LG K7- If you are not keen on spending a fortune on your handset, the LG K7 is the one for you. MetroPCS doesn’t want any of its customers to feel left out, so it offers the most- economical plans for its customers. If you purchase a LG K7 handset, you will be looking at plans starting from 30$ to 60$, all of them custom-made to suit your needs
  • HTC Desire 530- HTC loyalists are in for a treat as well. If you buy this handset, you too can avail of the different plans ranging from 30$ to 60$. Unlimited calls, texts and 2GB data are a part of the plan

So, the next time you look for a new handset,ensure that it has a great network. Treat yourself to a double bonanza, a new handset and an awesome cell phone plan from MetroPCS.

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