Stylish Ray-Ban Sunglasses For Men

Stylish Ray-Ban Sunglasses For Men

Ray-Ban glasses are renowned all over the world for their style and looks. Have a look at some of the stylish Ray-Ban sunglasses for men.

Ray-Ban Outdoorsman Craft sunglasses
They are designed especially for men who spend most of the time outdoors. The Outdoorsman Craft RB3422Q model sunglasses are handcrafted using genuine deer leather. These sunglasses are designed with hand-stitched leather brow bar and leather temple pads which are special for this model of sunglasses.

Ray-Ban Outdoorsman Craft has unisex sunglasses which come in Classic G15 green lenses, Classic B15 brown lenses, and yellow Ambermatic lenses. These sunglasses provide protection to the eyes from harsh sunlight as well as provide the comfort. These sunglasses absorb 85% of visible light and the colored lens block the colors.

Ray-Ban Aviator Gradient RB3025 001/51 58-14
These sunglasses are designed for aviators with the gradient lens that is nicely designed which provide the cooling effect. The polarized sunglasses come in three colors i.e blue gradient, crystal gradient grey and gradient crystal brown which are unique and exciting. The specialty of the Gradient lens is that the color gets transitioned from dark to transparent shade in sunlight.

Ray-Ban Round metal glasses
These round metal sunglasses have a retro look. This look is famous among popular musicians.The Ray-Ban has unisex metal sunglasses which are known for their crystal lenses in a round shape. The specialty of these sunglasses is the curved brow bar, nose pads which are adjustable, metal temples which are thin with plastic end tips for a comfortable rest behind the ears. The frame of these sunglasses is the gold metallic frame.

The sunglasses provide the needed clarity, comfort, and protection from the sunlight. These sunglasses absorb 85% of visible sunlight and block the colors.

The Hexagonal collection from Ray-Ban
These sunglasses from the collection are available only on the website online. The model RB3548N 90353F 51-21 has features such as new color frame and shape. The hexagonal frame is trendy and classy at the same time. These sunglasses give a bold look with a unique combination of the metal frame of gold, silver and copper colors. The lens comes in various colors such as blue, green etc. These model sunglasses best suit people with thin temples. These sunglasses are available in eight different colors which can be chosen based on the shape of the face.

The Hexagonal sunglasses come with flash lenses which are shiny as the lenses are treated with multilayer mirror treatment. This mirror coating reduces the glare and provides much more comfort to the eyes.

Ray-Ban Predator 2 collection
These sunglasses come with specialized lenses which are mirror lenses that act as a one-way mirror. These lenses are made from mirror coating of various colors such as a polarized grey mirror, polarized blue mirror color etc.

The advantage of the mirror coating is that it decreases the amount of sunlight that passes through the lenses and makes these sunglasses much more ideal for summer. The mirror coating reduces the glare and provides comfort and stylish looks. The advantage with Polarized lenses is that they reduce the brightness of surfaces and large water bodies. Polar lenses are effective in reducing the reflections and they improve the contrast, visual clarity and greatly reduce the eye strain.

The Predator 2 sunglasses have temple tips that are subtle and come with striped texture treatment. These sunglasses come with a wrapped fit which creates a sporty casual look. The lens comes in various shades such as mirror grey solid, crystal green solid and silver gradient.

Ray-Ban Scuderia Ferrari Collection
The sunglasses from this collection are outgoing and have a dynamic look which comes with adjustable temple features. The lens comes in various shades such as yellow and red. The specialty of these sunglasses is that they come with matching nose pads. These sunglasses come with two mirror lenses.

All these Ray-Ban sunglasses are available at the retail stores and many online websites including their official website. You can pick and choose among the various colors, shades, and designs as per your style and requirements.