4 places where you’re sure to get good peripherals

4 places where you’re sure to get good peripherals

It is not always essential to buy super expensive products to assemble your computer and attach the required peripherals. You need a reliable place where you can get the best products at a reasonable price. Here are some examples of those offering attractive discounts and reliable customer service at the same time.

Micro Center:

It is an American computer departmental store that operates an online store as well. Both have a wide range of products like- electronics products, computer accessories, software and gaming, motherboards and so on. It offers product expertise, excellent customer service and in-store pickup of online orders in less than 20 minutes. Micro Center is better known for their incredible offer on CPUs, which often comes cheaper than those on other online sites. Micro Center has a number of brick and mortar stores in major cities with significant discounts. If you are not close to an outlet, you can order from their online stores. You can also have the facility of in-store pickup. If you can’t decide what peripherals to buy, Micro Center gives you technical support via e-mail, online chat or in store.


Netlink Computer Inc. is an online computer software and hardware retailer. It has a vast collection of computer, computer accessories, hardware, software, all of which is available to the Canadian and US buyers at most reasonable price. NCIX operates a newsletter and award program to provide best discounts, sales, and rewards to their customers. NCIX YouTube Channel, TechQuickie and Linus Tech tips are the support channels that aid you in making smart buying decisions. It earned the title of Canada’s Newegg recently. People, especially the Canadian shoppers, love to shop from NCIX. It also provides the facility of assembling your PC by just adding extra $50 to your order.


It is an award winning website with more than 10.5 million products. Newegg Inc. is the most trusted and loved marketplace on the web. They believe that service begins after the product reaches your doorstep. You can get everything you need when it comes to computer peripherals in their online stores at a very competitive price and fast shipping facility. They have comparison tools to help you to take a wise decision. You can’t resist your temptations after looking at their incredible sales and discounts, especially during holidays. They also post videos of upcoming products, product reviews in their YouTube Channels. Sometimes Newegg doesn’t win out on the price matter but does succeed in research and information.


Amazon is a huge platform for sellers that offer everything. They have a wide range of computer accessories at a very reasonable price. You are familiar with the fact that Amazon products are in the top two or three when it comes to affordable versions of products. If you are a member of Amazon Prime, you can get free shipping on products.

There are lots of other online sellers like TigerDirect, Bestbuy.com, Scan Computer International and so on. Do research about the products on the online sites and select the option that suits you the best.