Tips on buying the best washing machine

Tips on buying the best washing machine

Washing machines use detergent and water to clean clothes by wringing them. This is done by spinning them inside the machine. Washing machines save you the trouble of having to wash them by hand. The best washer will save you time and effort on finishing your laundry.

Washing machines come in two types:

  • Front load washing machines
    Front load washers have a door in the front of the machine where the clothes can be loaded. The detergent tray and other options lie on the top of the machine.
  • Top load washing machines
    Top load washers have a lid on the top of the machine where the clothes can be loaded. The detergent tray lies either inside the machine or at the top along with other options.

To find the best washer for you, you should consider various aspects like the following:

  • Washer-dryer combo
    Some washers also come along with dryers or they can be bought separately. Dryers are used to create heat in the clothes to remove any existing moisture from them.
  • Space and style
    The right washer for you should be bought depending on the space you have and the décor of your home. Big sized washing machines in a small space can ruin the look of your home.
  • Controls and options
    Some newer machines have WiFi controls that can let you schedule wash cycles. Based on your needs and preferences, you can buy the washer best for you.

Some best washers in the market currently include:

With multi-water flow, jet spray, smart inverter technology, smart diagnosis and turbo drum, the LG T8067NEDLR is one of the best washers in the market. With features such as being fully automated and smart recognition, the work you have to put into washing your clothes is minimized drastically.

Haier HWM58020
Haier HWM58020 is considered one of the best washers in the market right now due to its varied features like auto weight, auto dose, door lock, daily wash, eco wash, auto door lock, pre-wash, and 3D dynamic wash. It can gauge weight and automatically lock the washing machine door.

Whirlpool WM Premier 702SD
Whirlpool has features like ‘123 wash’ and ‘spa wash’ that provides the best cleaning without damaging the clothes by overwashing them either. It treats your laundry gently so that all varied textures and materials remain in their best condition.


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