Top 3 video editing software for filmmakers

Top 3 video editing software for filmmakers

Video editing suites these days come packed with the latest cutting-edge technology. From multi-cam editing, audio mixing, animation, and titling features, a good video editing suite will give you the best of all worlds. Most importantly, it makes your job easier.

Picking the right video editing suite can also provide better render quality, more formats, and the ability to import and edit various file types. You can also work with audio, pictures, textures, and much more.

Here are the top three video editing software for filmmakers and video editors, for hobbyists and professionals alike.

Adobe Premiere Pro CS6: Adobe has been the leading pioneer in video editing technology. Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 is considered the industry standard software suite for video editors, and filmmakers. Its interface is built for non-linear video editing and comes with 360 VR support. It supports a wide range of file formats, has 4K and HDR video support, and even comes with the Lumetri color tool. It is great for collaborative projects and comes equipped with the right tools for it. Additionally, Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 project files can be imported and used with other Adobe creative applications like Adobe After Effects CS6.

Apple Final Cut Pro X: Arguably one of the best video editing programs for Mac Users and one of the best Apple has to offer. The Apple Final Cut Pro X comes with MultiCam editing support, magnetic trackless timeline, and various organizational tools to help video editors make videos seamlessly. Its organizational tools include libraries, ratings, tagging, auto analysis of faces and much more. The user interface is simpler and lots more powerful compared to its previous generations. It has been hailed as the ideal video editing suite for video editors.

Sony Vegas Pro 14: Sony Vegas Pro 14 is ideal for both hobbyist and professional video editors. If you have ever needed a complete video editing suite packed with all the features a video editor could ever dream of, the Sony Vegas Pro 14 is the one. It comes with Titler Pro inbuilt which lets you create custom titles. It offers various presets for its transitions and video effects.

Render times are usually much lower in the Vegas editing suites when compared to other video editing programs. Newblue FX comes bundled with the suite. You can create a wide range of cool video effects for your videos such as solar flares, lens flares, special glows, blurry transitions, zoom effects and much more. It offers high frame rate support, can stabilize shaky footage, offers MultiCam editing support and a lot more. It’s the ultimate creative and customizable package for video editors and filmmakers.