Top 5 HP coupons for buyers

Top 5 HP coupons for buyers

If you’re new to HP or their services, or whether you’re buying your first PC or your ink cartridge, there’s always something for everyone where their coupons are concerned.

HP coupons can help you save on money, avail free shipping, and get exclusive access to their special services as well. If you’re a recurring online customer, you may even find yourself getting sweet offers. Just like Dell coupons, HP coupons offer competitive pricing, which means you get the best deals on every offer.

Still curious? Here are the top five HP coupons for buyers.

$10 Off with free shipping on $60 or more: If you buy something from HP, you may be eligible to get $10 off on their products provided their products fall under the eligibility of the coupon and totals up to $60 or more. The best part is that you can get free shipping which means you don’t have to pay taxes or special fees on the import duty. This can save you a lot of costs. The coupon code for this is EMRY9599.

$500 Off with free shipping: If you enjoy high-end gaming and are looking for a PC which can cater towards such tasks, you can opt for HP Omen Desktops. The awesome thing about this coupon is that it offers a $500 discount for Select HP Omen Desktops and even includes free shipping. That’s a steal deal, most definitely. The coupon expires on May 1, 2017 and the coupon code is ODT500.

Free shipping on all orders: If you’re a fan of free shipping and you’re an international buyer, it may be a wise idea to avail this offer. Although this offer does not have a specific coupon code, you can avail this offer online through the HP official website on their various products or alternately, through other coupon portals like Savings.

$130 Off on ER series monitors: Buying a decent monitor with killer discounts can be a reality. HP offers a $130 discount on their lineup of ER Series Monitors. If you’ve ever thought of getting a good monitor for your custom build without burning a hole in your pocket, maybe this can be it.

$250 Off on laptops with free shipping: For laptop junkies or for those new to tech, HP offers a $250 discount on their range of laptops. This also includes laptops which come with the convertible feature. Plus, getting a brand new laptop for $250 less doesn’t sound so bad especially when it includes free shipping. The laptops come with adequate warranty too so you won’t miss out on anything good besides getting the right coupons.