Top 5 reasons you need a new mattress

Top 5 reasons you need a new mattress

Having a cozy and comfortable sleep is the foundation of a healthy body and mind. This mainly is possible if you have an adequate and superior quality sleeping mattress. However, for those who don’t have a comfortable mattress, waking up every morning with a severe neck or a backache can be a nightmare. There is no doubt that sleep deprivation has the worst side-effects apart from a bad mood and low energy levels throughout the day.

A good quality mattress will not only provide you a comfortable place to rest but also protect you against any potential health problems including a backache. You can find a wide variety of mattresses online or at the local mattress store. So, don’t delay it if you are facing sleep or health issues with your present sleeping arrangement. Here’s a collaborated a list of some reasons that you should prompt you to purchase a new mattress. Apart from these factors, you can also go through a list of some of the best mattresses rated by consumer reports. Additionally, the factors listed below would not only help you select the best mattress, but also save you from developing any health issues.

In case your mattress is older than seven years then it is time that you consider purchasing a new one. Always look for signs of any wear on your old mattress and keep an eye if it begins to sag or grows a lump. Consider buying the best mattresses rated by consumer reports to get a long night sleep and wake up fresh in the morning without any pain. Also, with age your body also undergoes physical changes in weight so if a mattress was good 5 years back, it doesn’t mean it will be the same now. Consider mattresses that fit your age and body type.

Poor sleep cycle
In case you notice an irregular sleep cycle on your present mattress, it is time to purchase a new one. In case you wake up tired or with a back or neckache then it is an indicator of improper sleep. Sleeping on an old or poor quality mattress can also lead to stiffness of the neck. Long story short, if you don’t find your own bed comfortable to sleep in, it is high time that you change the mattress.

Size of the mattress
When you were single, you had a single mattress to spread and sleep as you want. But, with a significant other sleeping on the same mattress is not at all cool. If you wake up to the sound of your loved one snoring right next to you every day then maybe you need a new and bigger mattress for yourself. Consider the number of members you are sharing your bed space with so that everybody stays happy and enjoys a good sleep.

Mites and bugs
If your mattress is a hunting ground for bed bugs and mites that show up occasionally from the holes in it, consider buying a new mattress. Spending a little money will ensure that you not only get a good night sleep but also stay away from unwanted rashes and allergy. If half of your time is spent in defending your sleeping territory by killing bugs then you should consider buying a new mattress.

Good health
Good sleep is one of the prerequisites for a healthy mind and body. No one wants to go to the office or college with saggy eyes and irritable mood. Therefore, buying a new mattress for your bedroom would help you sleep well and stay healthy. Research has shown that sleep deprivation can have a direct effect on your mood throughout the day.

If you further want to know the mattress that will suit you the best, consider looking for the best mattresses rated by consumer reports to get maximum comfort.