Top mid-size cars under $30,000

Top mid-size cars under $30,000

Mid-size cars focus on two things that the buyers will want to look at too before purchasing. These things are the rear seat space and fuel mileage. The size of the car from the outside is neither small nor too big to be called a full-size luxury sedan. All other features are add-ons. Most decisions that are made are based on the above-mentioned features. Mid size cars are higher in demand because of the add-ons like well-made interiors and user-friendly technology along with the fuel efficiency and space in the rear seats. These cars are the perfect all-purpose cars. Here are some of the best mid-size cars you can get for less than $30,000.

Toyota Camry
Since 2008 till date, this car has been one of the most desirable cars by many. The new model is redesigned and has already received many positive reviews by entities who review cars. This car begins with $24,000 and goes up to $34,950. However, there are better rates you can find out through research or following some official best price program.

Chevrolet Malibu
The new Chevrolet Malibu can be the right choice in med-size cars section. This 5-seater has safety, value, reliability and passenger space. Malibu starts from $21,680 and goes up to $30,975. The new model has 360-degree camera available now. With the spacious back seat and good mileage, this car becomes one of the most apt mid-sized family car.

Kia Optima
There are many technical features that make this car a good buy for a mid sized car. One of the tech features is the impeccable infotainment system and other advanced safety features. The gas mileage is similar to other counterparts in the same price-range, which is quite right in this price. Kia Optima starts from $22500 to $30,500.

Mazda Mazda6
This new Mazda6 is more than just a regular mid-size family car. The handling is sharp, responsive steering and a smooth ride to enhance the driving experience. The price range of this car is between $21,945 to $30,695. The fuel mileage is better than the counterparts in the same price range. 24-27 miles per gallon in the city and 34-35 in the highway.

Ford fusion hybrid
This car is great for fuel economy and athletic handling. It is spacious just as much as the other cars listed here and has high-quality cabin with high quality materials in the higher trims. The infotainment system is easy-to-use. This mid-size car comes for $25,295 and can go up to $37,275.